Welcome to the Durbanville Children’s Home Sponsor-a-child platform

Sponsor a child today and change a life

Your donation of R100 or more per month, or even a once-off donation, can change the life of a vulnerable child.

The costs per month to house, feed, clothe, educate and nurture a child in our care, is extremely high. Your monthly contribution will help to stop the continuing cycle of abuse and neglect and prevent the child from ending up on the streets exposed to drug abuse, gang violence, poverty and crime. Your regular sponsorship will create a steady stream of income to enable us to better plan and execute the Home’s activities.

In return you will be able to correspond with the child you sponsor by writing to him/her, receive newsletters from the Home, and view regular feedback about him/her online. But far greater will be the satisfaction of knowing that you are making a difference in the life of a child in need, and that you are helping to build a better society in South Africa.